The Sensitive Empowerment Community

A positive, intentional, and empowering alternative to social media for sensitive people.

Have you been called “too sensitive” or “too emotional”? Do you experience things deeply and often feel overwhelmed?

You are not alone

We bring together a highly sensitive “family” from around the world to share our experiences and create a sense of belonging and validation. As we learn from one another in this nurturing and supportive space, we honor our sensitive gifts, improve our well-being, and brightly shine our lights. Our hope is to spark a global paradigm shift for HSPs.

Members share their experiences...

The Sensitive Empowerment Community has been rated as an “exceptional community” with a whopping 93.5% retention rate (the standard retention rate for communities is only 30%). These remarkable statistics bear witness to the dedication, compassion, and encouragement that our team of HSPs pours into this community full of kind-hearted HSPs! By offering a positive, deliberate, and empowering alternative to traditional social media for sensitive individuals, this community is transforming the lives of HSPs globally.

Welcome — I’m Julie! 

I’m an HSP Psychotherapist specializing in high sensitivity and Founder of Sensitive Empowerment

My mission is to connect you to HSPs from all over the world that are dedicated to growth and empowerment, and to help you love and honor your sensitive gifts!

Top 5 Benefits of the Sensitive Empowerment Community


Understand your trait of high sensitivity and learn tools to balance your sensitive nervous system.


Connect with kind-hearted HSPs through discussion posts, events, and online meetups.


Explore our extensive library of events, podcasts, articles, and resources.


Nurture personal growth and transformation among a multigenerational, diverse, global HSP family.


Feel supported, validated, and empowered to thrive.

Plus, access over 100 previous event recordings in our HSP library!

Membership also includes access to our 3 unique groups!

Spiral Up Group: (free) If you’re looking for support around depression beyond what you’ve gotten through medication or therapy, we warmly invite you to join our new Spiral Up group within the Sensitive Empowerment Community where you can find rich, deep connections with others to support you on your healing and growth journey.

HSPs in Heart-Centered Business Group: ($10/mo) offer support, feedback, inspiration, and connection to other HSPs running their business. 
  • Access to our live business events and guest experts.

  • Access previous trainings in our business library.

  • Opportunities to get referrals and collaborate.

  • Support in goal setting, plus get inspired reading each other’s weekly goals!

  • Connecting with other HSPs in business is transformational.

Perks after 3 consecutive months

Helping HSPs find you who need you:

Julie’s Course Discussions Group: Connect with other HSPs taking these online courses and have a chance to ask questions.
  • Free group included with your community membership

  • Connect with other HSPs taking the courses

  • Get your questions answered 

  • Share and celebrate your growth!

Transform With Support and Connection

Finally, feel like you belong

Know you are not alone in how you experience the world

Learn how to thrive with sensitivity, not just survive it

Experience the feeling of a healthy, loving family that accepts you and loves you for who you are

Daily tools and reminders from a psychotherapist specializing in high sensitivity teaches you the self-care that works for HSPs, which means your wellness improves

Thrive as your authentic self and transform toward living your fullest and best life as an HSP in our thriving global community.  

Join Other HSPs on a Sensitive Empowerment Journey
and Transform Your Life 

Everyone in your life benefits when you are empowered.

This is a subscription-based, inclusive community for HSPs eighteen and older. The monthly fees enable us to host an ad-free platform free of spam and provide a professionally moderated, supportive, and safe space. There is no commitment; your monthly membership can be canceled anytime. LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC warmly welcomed. A headshot profile photo and is required to foster deeper connection and safety. We think you will truly enjoy our kind and loving HSP family. 
We warmly invite you to join us!

Please read the community guidelines once you enter.

I understand that failure to follow our community guidelines means I may be removed from the community.

What HSPs are saying about the community... 

“Soulful support, empowerment, and inspiration for HSPs all over the world. The community is such a special part of my life and your words and messages are so beautifully nurturing and necessary. We are blessed to have you, Julie Bjelland. What an incredible difference you make to the world.” 

May you feel safe here to be yourself with a sense of true belonging. ❤️

May you know we value you exactly as you are and believe you are important to the world. ❤️

May you feel the celebration of authenticity that we love in this global, open, and accepting community. ❤️

Sending out love to all of you beautiful, sensitive souls. ❤️

You have two plan options 

Plan 1 gives you access to the full community + 2 groups (does not include business group)

Plan 2 gives you everything in plan 1 PLUS the business group


How do I get 8 weeks free in the community with the purchase of a course?

New members get 8 weeks free so be sure to use the link found INSIDE the courses. Please note it will ask for your credit card to avoid spammers, but you will see that the total due will be $0 for the first 8 weeks.  Your use of the free trial means you understand that failure to follow our community guidelines means you may be removed from the community and forfeit your free trial.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, this is just a monthly subscription that you can cancel anytime.

Do you offer discounts?

We do offer partial scholarships to BIPOC and LGBTQ+ members who have a financial need. Please note you need to be a current member to apply for the scholarship because we want you to try the community before applying.


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