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Welcome — I’m Julie! 

I’m an HSP Empath & Psychotherapist  specializing in high sensitivity & Founder of Sensitive Empowerment

My mission is to connect you to HSPs from all over the world that are dedicated to growth and empowerment and help you love and honor your sensitive gifts!

Why Your Life Will Transform When You Join Us

Sensitive people are like orchids - with the right conditions, we can bloom brilliantly. You are needed in the world, and I want to guide and support you to live to your highest potential. 

  • Receive support, validation, encouragement, understanding, inspiration, insight, and knowledge
  • Connect through virtual meetups with kind-hearted HSPs
  • Feel a sense of belonging and connection with like-minded HSP peers, feeling safe to be yourself
  • Enjoy a positive space with wonderful, creative, empathetic, understanding, and compassionate HSPs
  • Widen your support system and develop genuine HSP friendships with others who understand your experience in the world

Transform With Support & Connection

Thrive as your authentic self and transform toward living your fullest and best life as an HSP in our thriving global community. 

Plus, you'll have access to over 100 free trainings in our HSP library!

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“We've been familiar with Julie Bjelland’s work since we first started Highly Sensitive Refuge, and we’ve always considered her one of the leading voices in the HSP community. Julie combines a warm and inspiring personality with hard research into how the brain works — and what makes the sensitive mind different. Everything Julie does is focused on helping sensitive people understand, and gradually “re-train” their brains to keep using their greatest gifts while overcoming their struggles. She helps highly sensitive people achieve a much-needed sense of balance, and we’re proud to support her work.”

—Andre Sólo and Jenn Granneman, founders of Highly  Sensitive Refuge

"I first found Julie and her work with HSPs in 2019 through the Shift Network's Empowered Empath Summit. Julie's focus on brain training was of huge interest, but most importantly, I was struck by her gentle presence, depth of knowledge, and bright intellect. When I heard about Julie's Sensitive Empowerment Community I knew it would be a place that would change people's lives. If you are a Highly Sensitive Person and crave community and continued learning about the trait, do yourself a favor and check it out!" 

—Leah K. Walsh Life Coach

"Calling all sensitive males! It’s ok and accepted for us to be sensitive. If you have sensitive traits they can be empowering to help you connect, influence and relate to your partner and other people that you care about in your life. This Sensitive Empowerment community is a safe and encouraging place to be yourself, learn from others on how to be masculine and embrace your feminine side to step up and be the leader that you are inside. Once we connect with ourselves we can then stand strong for others and connect with the world in an authentic and powerful way. As Les Brown says, “you have greatness within you”, a part of this greatness are the sensitive traits that you possess. We welcome you and we hope to help you on your journey in finding yourself and unleashing your greatness!!" 

—Michael A. Cole,  Holistic Health Practitioner and Health Strategy Coach

"Julie Bjelland is my go-to HSP expert. She is a master of teaching sensitives to thrive in our overstimulating, sometimes harsh world. Julie awakened me to the gift that high sensitivity truly is through her research proven techniques for processing and building resilience. She brings a powerful combination of scientific facts and heartfelt compassion to everything that she shares. I would recommend Julie to anyone who wishes to own the gifts of their sensitivity under the guidance of someone who will empower you, cheer you on, and truly celebrate what it means to be sensitive!" 

—Natalia Karoway, Herbalist & HSP Author of Living Sacred Ceremony: Earth Inspired Practices For Transforming & Celebrating

“Not only is Julie deeply committed to her work and an expert in her field, but she is a kind and compassionate leader. What I respect most is her curiosity and ability to create a safe space of learning and support for her community. She demonstrates a high level of integrity and a strong commitment to her core values. Whenever I interact with Julie, it's been my experience that she truly lives what she teaches. Her caring and warmth are apparent in all she does.” 

—Sukie Baxter, CR, LMT, Author of Perfect Posture for Life

“Julie brings extensive knowledge, experience, and wisdom of psychology in combination with her profound expertise in the field of HSP's. She pulls it all together and offers a unique and impactful approach for highly sensitive people and the HSP community. The combination of psychology and high sensitivity is very inspiring to me. I highly recommend Julie and her great work!” 

—Annabelle Breuer-udo, Integrative Medicine Practitioner, Certified Coach (ACC) author of The Magic About Pain


Join Other HSPs on a Sensitive Empowerment Journey
and Transform Your Life 

Everyone in your life benefits when you are empowered.

This is a subscription-based 18+ community. The fees help us to keep spammers out, pay for the ad-free platform, moderation to keep this space supportive and safe, and tech needs involved in hosting this community. To foster deeper connection and safety we all add our profile photos. You can cancel anytime, but I think you will want to stay in this supportive space, filled with kind and loving HSPs like you.  ❤️ 

Safe, supportive, LGBTQ+ and BIPOC honored.


You deserve a safe, supportive space like this (guided by an HSP psychotherapist) away from the chaos of social media. 

What HSPs are saying about the community 

  • I went in seeking friendship with like-minded individuals and I came out with so much more!  I am so incredibly thankful to have you all and this community in my life.  I’ve experienced growth like I never could have imagined.  You are who I turn to for inspiration, validation, deep connection, and unique perspective.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  🙏❤️💕

  • Soulful support, empowerment, and inspiration for HSPs all over the world. The community is such a special part of my life and your words and messages are so beautifully nurturing and necessary.  We are blessed to have you, Julie Bjelland. What an incredible difference you make to the world.

  • This community is such a gift to all of us. Thank you for doing what you do. Your courses, this community, and all the people in it have changed the trajectory of my life for the better. Eternal gratitude for you and everyone here! ❤

  • What a difference this community is making in the quality of my life. My self-Love is way up, I have started seeing my traits as valuable, and instead of starting my day frazzled, I am easing in with slow mornings. I feel accepted like there is a group that "gets" what it is like to go through life HSP. Thank you Julie for your vision, the tools, and for creating this space for us to learn from and hang out with each other!!

  • I feel so blessed to have found this community through an HSP professional in my life. It’s literally saved my life. Thank you to each and every one of you and all the ways you make my life better by being in this community 🥲🤗❤️

  • This is such a wonderful and supportive community, before I found it I felt lost and alone, but being here and connecting with you all is such a blessing! Thank you all 💕 and thank you Julie Bjelland for creating and keeping up this space for us all!

  • I felt so alone in my “HSP Empathness” before connecting with all of you. I cannot imagine the amount of energy it took to make this community a reality—thank you so much, Julie Bjelland!

  • Thank you for all of the amazing resources you offer in the Community! It's so refreshing and inspiring to be part of a tribe that offers so much inclusion, understanding, support, and non-judgment. 

  • The name of this community says it beautifully. Sensitive, Empowerment, Community. I sense that we are understood and understanding here. I can see we are being empowered here. I can know that there is a here, here for us in this community. So beautiful. I am so grateful ‘for and to’ all of you beautiful sensitive people. Your posts make me feel right at home…wrapped in love like a cozy blanket…warming my life…much like drinking a warm cup of something on a cold gray day. Thank you, Julie! I look forward to sharing life with you all and all those that will gather with us for many years to come!!🥰

  • I found Julie Bjelland's website while searching the web for opportunities as an affiliate marketer, and never imagined that this community would be such a gold mine for myself as well (not only for my audience). Thank you, Julie, and all active members for holding space for all of us to be empowered, together. 

  • Thank you to everyone who takes part in it! For me, it is a refuge, a trustworthy support group of like-minded people, an inspiration source, and a warm, lovely space to be in! Thank you Julie Bjelland for envisioning it and making it happen every day!

  • So exciting and happy to celebrate with all of you. For me, being in this community has helped me to give myself permission to acknowledge that my sensitives and uniques needs are valid FULL STOP. I am prioritizing self-care in a way that I never have. Took my first solo vacation and I am still riding that high a little bit and even did a mini home retreat this morning and it was wonderful. So grateful. 🙏

  • The growth and personal happiness I've experienced within this community have been phenomenal, truly life-changing! Thank you, Julie and fellow HSPs for always "being there"

  • Being a part of this community makes me feel like I can relax into who I really am.  I'm so grateful to regularly be inspired, uplifted, and supported.  Thank you, Julie, for your love, kindness, respect, and generosity...for blessing this community with YOU.  I'm oh so glad I joined.

  • Being a part of this community and normalizing my feelings has been such a blessing in my life. Sometimes you don't realize what you need until it's presented to you, and joining this group has given me greater peace of mind, which is so important to my emotional wellbeing. I have learned so much about our trait from the wealth of content you provide Julie, from the articles to your courses to the wonderful speakers and our fellow members. Thank you all for the positive impact you've made in my life, I am so very grateful!

Reach Sensitive Empowerment. Honor Yourself and the World!

Join us below.

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