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About This Space

Welcome to a unique space just for people with the trait of high sensitivity, found in 20% of the population. I'm Julie Bjelland, a psychotherapist, author, and global sensitivity educator. My mission is to help you thrive to your fullest potential in the world as a highly sensitive person (HSP).

Many HSPs struggle with the challenges of being sensitive in a world that isn't always set up for us because we experience the world in a different way than the majority.  At Sensitive Empowerment, you will learn what helps you function your best in the world. I will teach you specific tools and tips to feel successful and balanced in all areas of your life.  And you'll have a chance to connect in meaningful ways with other HSPs.

You'll learn about your brain differences, why your nervous system is often over-activated, and what to do about it. This information will help your mind and body feel more balanced energy, joy, peace, resilience, patience, calm, and fuller access to your positives and gifts. 

I'll be offering live events, Q/A, videos, podcasts, articles, special guest speakers, and regular self-care and self-love reminders. All of this will help to calm your nervous system and optimize your daily experience in the world.

Engage in wonderfully deep conversations and connections with other HSPs with similar experiences and interests. It feels good to be surrounded by kind, compassionate, and supportive HSPs and feel understood and validated. I’ve had so many HSPs say this is the first time they truly understood, accepted, and loved themselves. It’s so beautiful. 

We will talk about topics such as life as an HSP in work, health, dating and relationships, and parenting. We will be growing lists for finding HSP therapists and doctors, as well as discussions for professionals working with HSPs. 

Are your gifts trapped under your challenges? Many highly sensitive people can’t imagine how good it can feel to access the many gifts that come with this trait of high sensitivity. Fortunately, I know how good you can feel because I witness it every day in the HSPs I’ve already guided. 

I believe that the more of us that are living to our fullest, the better the world will be.  The world needs you.  

Here you will transform as you experience validation in being with your HSP tribe where you can feel like you truly belong. 

So many sensitive people in the world feel like something is wrong with them, or they received messages that their sensitivity was negative in some way. These narratives block our growth and the journey we are meant to be on in this life. When you remove the obstacles and challenges, you will be in awe of how incredible your experience can be as a highly sensitive person. 

What HSPs Are Saying About Our Community

This is honestly a place I so look forward to coming every single day now. When we talk about self-care and our “wins,“ I have to add this space to my self care and make time for it every single day. I often feel rushed and that I don’t have time but I decided to make time for it because it feels like coming home to a place with no judgment and I feel calm when I am here.

Julie, you are amazing! The people you are bringing together are so beautiful and intelligent. I'm blessed to have stumbled on you and your vast network to help me thrive. I'm SUPER excited to learn from your (our) Herbalist.

I really enjoy being able to connect with other HSPs and have a safe space to be myself. 

This HSP community offers an abundance of inspiration and encouragement, valuable information, heartfelt sharing, and many unfolding possibilities. I also appreciate Julie’s compassionate, motivational and inclusive leadership.

I’ve been loving it actually. It’s been great to interact with everyone here. And come to think of it, it’s become one of my primary go-to’s when I need to decompress.

I like that I know there is a safe space to express myself as an empowered HSP.The information and reminders support me in taking  care of myself with a sensitivity trait. Hearing others experiences also normalises how I may feel and experience some situations. I am still exploring the different topics and thank you for creating this space. I am definitely being more of an advocate and sharing what I am learning about the HSP trait where possible.

This space continues to feel so supportive and refreshing...especially after being on FB.  It is a different kind of space altogether.  Thanks for the loving and calm energy that is so accessible here.
I personally am finding it to be a fantastic source of validation and information. Thanks again for hosting this.

I’m learning something new and useful every day and I realize I’m not alone! It’s the most comforting feeling. There are others like me who get it! Thank you for all of your hard work putting this together. 

I find it a peaceful and safe place to hang out for a while. It’s also very validating and uplifting. 💛

Hi Julie, so glad to be a part of this HSP community and thank you for making this possible. It's so good to feel there is always support and connection with like minded people. Looking forward to the future.

Hi Julie! Thank you for the warm welcome. Excited to be here and looking forward to connecting with other HSP's.

I’m so excited for this community! Thank you 🙏

Why You Should Join Us

Sensitive people are like orchids, and with the right conditions, we can bloom brilliantly. You are needed in the world, and I want to guide and support you to live to your highest potential. 

Here you will learn about yourself and your needs, understand the trait of high sensitivity, grow in a supportive space, and connect in meaningful ways to other highly sensitive people. 

Many of the most successful, creative, and talented artists, musicians, writers, poets, creators are highly sensitive people. You have so much inside of you that wants to bloom brilliantly. Most highly sensitive people start to feel better within a couple of weeks of spending time in one of my trainings. That’s about how long it takes to start growing a new neural sprout too. 😊 

I have studied and researched this trait for years.  Everything that I know works to reduce the challenges of being sensitive and increase the positives is going into this new HSP home. There are so many incredible gifts inside of you that I want to help you reach. 

You can truly transform, love who you are authentically, feel balanced in the world, increase your creativity, and move from surviving to thriving.  Imagine what your life could be if you could thrive and bloom brilliantly in the world. ❤

Find your authentic self here as you join your unique tribe and transform in some beautiful ways toward living your fullest and best life as an HSP. 

Some of Our Sensitive Empowerment Events 

We have a wonderful line-up of HSP guest presenters! We hope you can join us.

Caring for Your Highly Sensitive Body: Avoiding Pain, Tension And Stress When The World Is Too Much With an HSP Posture and Movement Specialist

Julie Teaching About the Trait of High Sensitivity, Tips to Thrive & Live Q/A

 Intro to Herbal Self-Care for the HSP with HSP Herbalist 

The Gift of Ayurveda to Reduce Over-Stimuli for Highly Sensitive Adults, Teens, and Kids with an Ayurvedic Practitioner of 30 years

And so excited to announce our 3-part series with an HSP Naturopathic Doctor in our Sensitive Empowerment Community!

Stress, Anxiety & Insomnia, Understanding the Highly Sensitive System. 

HSPs & Menopause 

Live Q/A with a Naturopathic Doctor who will be live with us to answer questions!

 Let's reach our fullest, authentic and empowered selves together. 

What HSPs Say About Julie's Trainings & Connecting to Other HSPs...

"To be taught by someone who truly understands and has experienced what I am going through makes all the difference.  The content is simple but effective and definitely not overwhelming...a blessing to all HSP's. Thank you, Julie, you have made a huge difference in my life.”

"Julie is amazing! She offers Highly Sensitive People a world of knowledge about HSP traits, tools to use in daily life and unending support from other HSPs. Because of Julie, I have been able to embrace being an HSP and start working towards living my best life."

"Grateful for Julie's heartfelt guidance, and for the dynamic and caring group energy here."

“Julie, you are truly a blessing for HSPs.  Your love and empathy really touches my heart. I am very grateful for having found you."

“It was nice knowing that I wasn’t alone in what I was experiencing as an HSP. Julie provides empathy, guidance, support, and much-needed education to help me to understand myself better and to have more compassion for myself."

"I'd like to say a HUGE thank you for this place to write & talk to people who understand me."

"Julie, your info is so solid, clear, and actionable. Thank you for sharing so much goodness with us!!"

"I finally accept my sensitivity and feel as though a weight had been lifted off my shoulders."

"Thank you for this gathering and your eye-opening, enlightening trainings that have positively changed my life.”

"The whole experience was so eye-opening.  To see that there are other people exactly like myself has made it possible to not only accept myself but also to learn how to manage the things that sometimes makes life a challenge for HSP's." 

"The information is life-changing for me, especially the info about taking care of myself in the right HSP way! I wish I had learned this earlier! Thank you for offering this Julie!"

"I feel I have changed from a caterpillar to a butterfly."

"Learning from Julie and being around other HSPs has changed my perspective and taught me that my sensitive trait is a gift, not something to be endured painfully in my life.  I feel calmer, more positive and hopeful."

"What a gift this experience is to HSPs. To be heard and understood is so validating!"

The Sensitive Empowerment Journey 

Free Trial 

To help keep spammers out, and pay for the ad-free platform, my free trainings and help cover the costs to moderate it, this is a subscription-based platform offering a 7-day free trial (for a limited time) so you can check it out.  I think you’ll find that you love being a part of the sensitive empowerment  community. ❤️

Are you new to understanding the high sensitivity trait? You might find this quiz validating. 

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